What Tiger Woods Taught Me

Tiger Woods win during the Masters may have more in common with you and your oils business then you know…

If you’re a golfer or had a husband that watched the Masters this weekend you will have seen what “Not giving up” looks like with the win of Tiger Woods. Whether you love him or hate him, what he did this weekend was remarkable. A true comeback story. He had MILLIONS that told him to quit. Told him he would never win again. Told him he needed to retire. Told him he doesn’t get to go after his dream because of some of his rather distasteful actions.

Who wouldn’t want to just curl up and cry? 🙋🏽‍♀️ But, Tiger, he didn’t listen. His dream meant so much to him he continued to fight. He continued to stay in his lane. He continued to drown out the naysayers (and there were plenty!) and move on. Why? Because he loved golf? Because he wanted his kids to see him win? Because he simply needed to prove he could? I’m not sure exactly what his WHY was. But he had one that wouldn’t let him quit.  And that lead to this beautiful moment below.👇🏽

The oils business can be a bit like Tigers professional life…

He slayed it in the beginning, then life happened. He got older and his body showed signs of giving up on him. Then there was the whole scandal. AKA his ROCK BOTTOM.  But did that stop him?  Four back surgeries, Four knee surgeries.  A very public divorce with so much scandal around it people sent death threats.  Nobody would fault him for giving up.  Nobody would even think this man could muster up enough energy to show his face again let alone keep going on his journey with golf.  But this weekend he proved himself and everyone else what it looked like to NEVER GIVE UP.  He showed the world what he is made of. But I digress…back to oils.

In the beginning, when dreams are Fresh and New they are fun, full of excitement and full of energy. Just like when you started your oils business.  In the middle when all the crap happens the fun can get sucked out. I think many of us are “in the middle” and trying to figure this out and trench through the mud so to speak.

⭐️“If you don’t quit you cannot fail”⭐️ Say that to yourself.👇🏽

If I don’t quit I cannot fail

There will be days that aren’t great. Shoot you may even have months where they aren’t great. People will come and go.  You’ll feel drained of your energy and you will question the road you are on and if it is worth it.  The universe seems (key word there) to be telling you this isn’t right.  But what it may be doing is testing your worth.  Testing to make sure you want this. 🎤Let’s let that sink in.  Right now you are (probably) going through your test if you feel overwhelmed.  What is your answer going to be back to the universe?

The Universe is Calling

If your WHY is solid then you will say “Throw it at me!”  Your bad days will come and go and you will still be standing. Battered. Bruised. Sweaty. And with tears stained cheeks… but you, my friend, will still be standing.

If you’re going through the trenches you’re not alone. If you have a solid upline-USE THEM. At no point do you not get to utilize your upline nor do they need to “go away” based off of your rank.  At no point are we above support and help and for goodness sake let them love on you.  Let them fill you up.  Let them help you figure out your plan.  For all my stubborn peeps out there…let them in (if they want in).

(This is for Membership Subscribers ONLY ) If you do not have a solid upline that’s ok too! Members can email hello@oilloungeco.co and set up a 20 minute One on One and get a plan of action set for you and your business. I will say this quote a THOUSAND times over and over again but “A goal without a plan is just a wish” and that my friends is TRUTH.

Start getting your plan by [memberful_download_link download=’4807-olc-business-organizer-2019′]downloading your OLC Business Organizer[/memberful_download_link]

👆🏼(the OLC Business Organizer is free to all members of the OLC)

Download it…print it out…then get to work.

I hope some part of this resonated with you today or made you think of someone that needs to hear this today.  I hope you know that you are not alone and you ARE A FIGHTER. IF you’re “in the middle” your trench WILL STOP getting deeper if you push through and refuse to quit.  The business will turn the corner and start to get more shallow if you refuse to quit. (If we are keeping with the trench theme). You will then be able to lift your head up and see just how far you have come and you can look back with tears of joy and say

“I did this. I didn’t give up.  I am a freaking warrior.”

Virtual chest bump to all of you trenching it out today.#WARRIORSOFTHEOLC

Forever in the trenches with you,

Ashley xo

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