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We have so many members that have been with us since the very beginning in 2015 and you know every year we strive to get better.  Be better and put out the best product, with beautiful design and high converting results.  We constantly evolve so your business can continue to thrive above all others.

We show up every day and do the hard techy stuff behind the scenes so you can do the heart work without having to worry about a thing.

The NEW 2019 template now offers you two HUGE new features along with a whole new look that will surely wow your visitors.  One of the very BEST new features I think money can buy is CRM integration.

A CRM is a Client Relationship Management or essentially an email collector so you can build that relationship on a whole new level.  By collecting email addresses you can target your visitors and kindle that relationship so you can solidify yourself as the expert and go-to person when they need oils.

Do you remember the social media crash of 2019 with Instagram AND then a few months later Facebook???

I do! It was awful.  There was pure panic happening across the globe.  I for one planned on making a post in Facebook about my class coming up.  I had also planned an Insta story for the day that talked about my dogs’ reaction to T-Away (which was amazing by the way).  I ended up falling back on my email list to keep the day going and I wasn’t freaking out in the slightest.  There are so many beneficial ways an email list can enhance your business and that was just one example.

We covered just how you can get your email list going in our new

Email Marketing Masterclass that is live NOW for you to checkout!

Next, a fun new feature is the ability to show your LIVE Instagram feed at the bottom of your page!  Your feed-right on your page 🎉 How awesome!  No more sharing the spotlight with a hashtag or random pictures.  You get Your Instagram feed and get to show off your own brand and how awesome you truly are.  Hello new followers.

It is time to

• start collecting emails and build that email list

• turn those visitors into buyers

• have a branded social media page so you don’t have to choose just one link to add to your social account

• 404 page that does more than redirect you to your home page it also gets them to the spots you want them to end up visiting

• showcase your live Instagram feed right on your website


Click to see the live Demo


Click to see the live Demo

The NEW 2019 template is classic, clean, natural and very functional.  With the additions of


Your Own LIVE Instagram FEED on all pages

CRM Integration (collect emails)

Social Links Page

Essential Oil & Kit Break Down on your own domain-no main site links!  They are all on your own website

404 Page filled with every link to get your visitor in the right spot to buy

beautiful new homepage to display all the visitor’s options

•2 About Me Section(s)

• Your Headshot

• 4 Passion Product Highlights (member favorite)

• 4 Favorite Recipes (member favorite)

and more like…

👉🏽explanation of essential oils

👉🏽free class by Sarah Harnisch so they can learn why YL & their products are amazing

👉🏽testimonials from actual Young Living members!

👉🏽2019 Young Living product guide

👉🏽seed to seal website

It is no wonder why so many OLC members are choosing to upgrade their current page to include these amazing benefits!

To upgrade it is a convenient ONE TIME upgrade fee of only  $10!

A ONE TIME charge that will not change your monthly or annual membership plan but will enhance your business 10 times over.  Add these new tools to your website and watch your business explode. 💥

To upgrade please fill out this form to begin.👇🏽

[mepr-membership-registration-form id=”520″]



QUESTION-To get the new template do I have to pay?

ANSWER-Everyone that has a current subscription is getting the new template.  You will be paying to use the new features and take advantage of them to boost your business even more.  You will be able to link your email subscription form and Instagram live feed!

QUESTION-If I do not pay for the upgrade will I get the new template?

ANSWER-Yes, you will get the new template.  All emails on your class link will go to OLC’s main list (instead of your own) and it will be OLC’s Instagram feed at the base of your website (instead of your own).

Question-I just checked my page and I do not have the upgraded template.  What’s the deal?

ANSWER-We are working through all pages in ABC order going by FIRST NAMES.  To see where we are, check our update folder in our FACEBOOK GROUP.  When you upgrade your page via the form above you will be moved to the top of the list to be done no matter where we are in the ABC order.

QUESTION-If I’m not ready to utilize one of the new features do I have to sign up now?

ANSWER-You never have to pay for the new upgrade if you don’t need to collect email addresses or want your Instagram feature on your website.  You can set up your new features at any time.

Any additional questions please email: hello@oillounge.co


*to use the Instagram feature there will be a $10 charge to lightwidget.  It is mandatory to use their service

*to use the CRM feature there may be additional charges depending on what platform you choose to host your email list with

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