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Show you are an expert in your field by having a beautiful space on the internet built

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When you go to sign up your friend the butterflies go crazy in your stomach. You sent all of your information including that LONG link that you get through Young Living.  But it just seems unprofessional.  No guidance.  No help.  Imagine if you could...

What if you could look professional and close the sale on that fence sitter you just talked to?


WHAT IF YOUR Sign up process could become a breeze

I'm in!

and close that kit sale?

wouldn't you like to spread your oil love with confidence,

I'm spilling the beans! Our team secret to becoming one of the fastest growing teams within the Young Living organization is the implementation of the Oil Lounge & personal team pages! 

oil lounge team page


Profile pages are not only gorgeous but is filled with your personal information.  One of the KEY factors to closing a sale is the amount of trust a person has with you.  The more they know about you, your life, your story the more they can relate to you.  All of this adds up to more kit sales for you.

building trust


Signing up prospects becomes a breeze.  No more sending that clunky link that Young Living gives you.   With buttons loaded with you personal sign up link information it makes your process seem more professional all the while creating a pleasant experience for the prospect.

sign up ease


The Oil Lounge website is full of essential oil knowledge.  This helps your prospects learn all about the benefits of using essential oils and getting toxins out of their home.  This helps give more information to them backing up the knowledge you already provided to them to get them interested.

Oil knowledge


but don't just take my word for it!

— Nichole K.

I am so so grateful to have access to such a beautiful website! Thank you!

— Amanda c.

"Not only is it gorgeous but I signed a person up in less then 15 min!"

You could go on fumbling trying to find your sign up link or have your custom link a boss

You could work tirelessly on a blog when you could be focusing on income producing activities

You could continue hoping your fence sitter will sign up with you



You could focus on the tasks that will help you grow your business

You could serve your clients with purpose and intention.

You could have a professional slice of the internet customized just for you

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you could say


Monthly Gift is a $5 investment
Annual Gift is a $55 investment


As a leader you realize the true value a page on the Oil Lounge has with launching a Young Living business.  Use this option to gift your downline business builders.


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Annual Profile Package is a yearly $55 investment. Get 1 month FREE!


Join our website and pay Annually! Pay once and never worry about the monthly invoices For a whole year!  Get ready to create a personalized page that is all your own.  Send your fence sitters to see a page with your headshot, bio, easy sign up button, current rank*, favorite products* & recipes section.*

*optional not required



Monthly Profile Package is a $5 monthly investment


Join our website and pay only Monthly! Create a personalized page that is all your own.  Send your fence sitters to see a page with your headshot, bio, easy sign up button, current rank*, favorite products* & recipes section.*

*optional not required

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Frequently asked questions

Do I get to pick my own domain?

Do I get to connect my own blog to the upgraded option?

can I cancel my subscription?

How can I modify my page/site?

Quick answer is, no.  But this does not mean you cannot create a unique slug for your website or profile page.  Every link will have  You may choose to enter whatever you would like into that first space to make it unique to you.  If you would like further insight to this please email

Quick answer is, no.  If you have your own blog at an offsite domain you may let us know in the sign up form and we will add the blog link in the menu to go to your personal blog rather then the Young Living Blog.

Yes, you may cancel your subscription at any time.  There are no refunds so be aware when you cancel your subscription your page will be live until the end of your subscription time. Your subscription itself will not renew once canceled.  You may do that in the member area. 

You will not have backdoor access to your site.  All changes and modifications will need to be done by our trained staff.  Any modifications will need to be submitted by using the member area and using the form for modifications.

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your service based on your needs.  Please be aware that all pages need to be modified by our staff and new forms will need to be filled out for the upgrade or downgrade to be completed.  Please email should you need to change your plan.

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