We believe in sharing passionately with those that you care about. We believe working with YL distributors that are grinding every day to spread their message should create a personal business website. We believe web design is not only very important but also should be easy - quick to launch and stress free. The OLC might be the road less traveled but we promise, the time you invest in your web presence will payback tenfold in your business.

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You're a do it yourself distributor who wants to add your own special spice to your space on the internet.  Take advantage of our Showit Templates that are drag and drop and easily customizable.  All  you'll have to do is load in your photos, and your copy, branding and voilá!  You will have a high converting website that will revolutionize your Young Living business.  All the design you love about the OLC membership and the addition of a blog.

• You'll receive a beautiful design that is easily customizable
• You'll receive a fully responsive website, (mobile ready)
• You'll receive a business driven, conversion focused design
• We'll supply you with tools and videos to help support you
• You'll be able to plug in to the Showit community for additional support
• You'll have full control over the look and feel of your site
• All the amazing pages as the subscription with the addition of a BLOG!

The showit template


The Oil Lounge & Co. customizes and launches your Young Living website FOR YOU so you can focus on building a tribe of passionate Young Living users. You supply us with your unique customized information and our team gets to work building your website for you. While we do the hard techy stuff, you get to grab your NingXia Red and get back to your business without missing a beat. You're just one click away from joining a supportive community that will surely kick your Young Living business up a notch

• We'll provide instructional guides to help you capitalize on your investment
• We'll get all of your information uploaded to your new website
• We'll launch your website for you
• We'll allow unlimited page changes so you can always be up to date
• You'll get support in our OLC community

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Our Distributors Website Opportunities

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intelligent features

beautiful design


We've got websites down to a science.

starting at $9.99per month 

- Jennifer w - olc member since 2017

I spent months and months trying to build my own site. I was frustrated. I lost a lot of money and time trying to figure the darn thing out. When I came across the OLC service I almost cried. It was exactly what I was trying to do but BETTER. Best yet, I didn't have to do anything but fill out a form to get my site live. 

"I almost cried."

- chrissy L - member since 

I feel so professional when I have people visit my site. It feels like I can present my self in a way that sets me as the expert and I know they will be blown away by how pretty it is. I LOVE my site and all of my visitors have how signing up was a breeze. The OLC was a total game changer for my business. THANK YOU!!! xo

" signing up was a breeze."

- client first and last name

It was taking me endless hours trying to create my own website. I wasn't able to share because I was so focused on getting my site built. I was ready to quit everything until I saw the OLC. Since joining I've accomplished ranking up not only once but twice! My business will forever thank you!

"ranking up twice."

Big Reputation

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