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Zero Tech Know-How Needed: Enjoy our team doing EVERYTHING for you
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Dedicated Team: All backend work is handled by the OLC team so you don't have to waste time learning a new skill

Product Features

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Imagine if you could share your Young Living knowledge with extreme passion without burning your candle at both ends? Implement automations into your Young Living business that not only take care of your relationships but also builds upon them? Let's you focus on the activities that will help you grow your business and saves you from going down a rabbit hole of techy stuff that will surely be taking hours away from your already precious time. What if you could...?  

The Oil Lounge & Co. designs, customizes and launches your Young Living website so you can focus on building a tribe of passionate Young Living users. We provide the freedom you desire, you supply us with your customizing information and our team gets to work building your website. While we do the hard techy stuff, you get to grab your NingXia Red and get back to your business without missing a beat. You're just one click away from joining a supportive community that will surely kick your Young Living business up a notch.

Product Features

Product Features

easy signup

With multiple places on your website loaded with your custom Young Living sign up link your visitors will never worry how to get started.  It is as easy as clicking a button.

learn all about you

Trust is so important in the purchasing equation.  That is why you have 2 areas to spill the beans all about you and your story.  Stories sell.  Period.  You get to share yours as in depth as you wish.

Share your favs

You get to display 4 of your passion products & 4 of your favorite recipes on your website!  Talk about continued education, dropping that seed and solidifying yourself as the expert.  Change these up as often as you like to keep them coming back for more

Email List integration

Businesses can live or die by their email list.  Now you can start using your website to grab your visitors email list so you can stop relying so heavily on social media and talk to your audience any time you wish.  Its time to get control back when it comes to communicating with your prospects.

the full list of what's included

what's included

Live instagram feed integration*
social links so visitors can stay in contact with you
Email list builder loaded with essential oil 101 sarah harnisch class*
Display your current 4 recipes that you love
Display your current 4 passion products 
multiple buttons Loaded with personal YL purchase link for easy signup
2 About me sections to build ultimate trust with your visitor

*Optional option.  If you do not want this feature it is not necessary to have a membership

essential oils breakdown
premium starter kit breakdown with pricing
diffuser breakdown
Quick links for social media 
404 page loaded with quick social links & areas for visitors to learn
profile picture
essential oil business organizer

the olc membership is for you if...

You're tired of sending your boring Young Living link to a potential member and not having your own personal website for them to go to.  Also once you send it you hear crickets.

You want a website but feel overwhelmed with the work it would take to create one. OR have zero clue how to make your own website.

You want a gorgeous place on the internet that is customized to you.  Helps you build the trust needed to convert your visitors as well as build the foundation to keep AND grow your relationship with your converted members.




- Jennifer w - olc member since 2017

I spent months and months trying to build my own site. I was frustrated. I lost a lot of money and time trying to figure the darn thing out. When I came across the OLC service I almost cried. It was exactly what I was trying to do but BETTER. Best yet, I didn't have to do anything but fill out a form to get my site live. 

"I almost cried."

- chrissy L - member since 

I feel so professional when I have people visit my site. It feels like I can present my self in a way that sets me as the expert and I know they will be blown away by how pretty it is. I LOVE my site and all of my visitors have how signing up was a breeze. The OLC was a total game changer for my business. THANK YOU!!! xo

" signing up was a breeze."

- client first and last name

It was taking me endless hours trying to create my own website. I wasn't able to share because I was so focused on getting my site built. I was ready to quit everything until I saw the OLC. Since joining I've accomplished ranking up not only once but twice! My business will forever thank you!

"ranking up twice."

Big Reputation