I never quite saw myself in corporate America.   Sure I played teacher and secretary as a child but as soon as I realized I had the permission to dream it is exactly what I set out to do.  My sites shifted from college to photography.  I threw out the manual of how I planned my life and dove in.  Talk about a crash course in business!  I had zero dollars to outsource so I wore all the hats in my little creative entrepreneur business.  I was the photographer, bookkeeper, web designer, marketer, and everything else that came up along the way.  

Web design stuck out to me.  I learned how to build my site and became hooked.  I loved photography but man did I love web design.  It let me go to a creative place I didn't even know existed.  About 2014, while cruising along in my business, Young Living came into my life.  I was in desperate mom mode and a friend was able to educate me that every single one of my concerns (health wise) could be addressed by changing my lifestyle and introducing oils into my system. Skeptical? Sure. Desperate? Yes!   Now my life is a blending of two things that I'm obsessed over.  Sharing about my experience with oils and creating websites for those that want to share like I do.


- ashley

It was taking me endless hours trying to create my own website.  I wasn't able to share because I was so focused on getting my site launched.  I was ready to quit until I saw the OLC.  Since joining I've accomplished ranking up not only once but twice!  My business will forever thank you!


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the olc timeline

2008 ashley starts her creative entreprenure journey

2014 ashley gets intoduced to essential oils from young living

2015 ashley makes the olc for her team including her uplines team

2019 the olc is open to any and all young living sharers that share as passionately as ashley

the moment

As a lover of oils the need to share was palpable.  I wanted everyone I knew to know what the little miracle bottles could do for them and their family.  When I searched the industry it was very clear there was no way for me to share online other then social media.  Social media is great but not reliable.  For instance- if Facebook went down today (I know blasphemous) I could lose my voice online.  I needed a way to get people off of social media and to a place that I could directly impact what they learned and more importantly... how.  That is how the OLC was born.  I had the keys to create a tool that could grow my reach, nurture the relationships that I've built and continue my new found passion so I could continue doing what I love.

when my passions collided like fireworks

The OLC was a website I built so I could have people come any time, day or night and learn how they wanted to.  This was huge!  No longer was I trying to catch my mom friend during her crazy kids baseball schedule, or host an insane amount of classes that wore on my family time.  I needed to be there, and cater to my friends without losing my sanity and marriage a long with it.  Sharing was important to me but as a mom you only get so many hours in a day and only so many candle ends to burn.  OLC was my answer and now I've opened the doors to all Young Living members to use so they too can carry out their sharing desire and grow in a way that inspires themselves and others in the process.

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Find out how millions of homes have been transformed using essential oils and the many benefits of getting toxins out of their home.  What harm are toxins actually doing to your body? Let's find out.  Listen in now.