Individual Pages: Only print what you need
No Dates: Stop wasting money on seasonal options
Expertly-Created: Created with business savvy and expertise
Beautiful, Printer friendly design
Organize areas in your business that can slip through the cracks
Set systems in place to stay on top of your organization

Product Features

Essential Oil Business Organizer

Sometimes, 20 minutes of intentional time, with a workflow based system is all you need to rev up and energize your Young Living business . In our 6 category focused printable download, the Essential Oil Business Organizer will focus your team and your personal business (leaving those “but I don’t know what to do today" woes in their dust), and ready to take on all those hats you wear each day as an entrepreneur.

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The Oil Lounge & Co. designs, customizes and launches your Young Living website so you can focus on building a tribe of passionate Young Living users. We provide the freedom you desire, you supply us with your customizing information and our team gets to work building your website. While we do the hard techy stuff, you get to grab your NingXia Red and get back to your business without missing a beat. You're just one click away from joining a supportive community that will surely kick your Young Living business up a notch.

Product Features

Product Features

single page, printer friendly

There is nothing worse then using a TON of ink on bright designs or pages you do not need to use.  With the smart digital design you can print off what you need, quickly and get on with your organizing

plan, connect with, and help your team grow

Expertly designed so you can control every aspect of tracking your team members.  Be intentional with your efforts so you and your business builders thrive and build solid best practices so your business explodes. 

Personal devolopment

It is great to develop your team members but developing yourself is crucial to growing your business. Making smart goals, staying on top of rank numbers, and also evolving your own health practices are areas all successful Young Living business owners focus on.

Organization that isn't overwhelming

Organizing can feel tedious, no fun, and very overwhelming.  With the EOBO you can instantly get to work, set up meeting, plug in numbers, and feel more in control of your business in no time.  All it takes is a printer to get you going.

the full list of what's included

what's included

Events follow up and track expenses
Plan events and keep track of guests
Goal tracker- Personally, Financially, 
Rank up sheets for you and for your team members star-rcd
Business Builder Plan of attack-coming up with their map to success
distributor call tracker- be intentional with what you discuss
Care Call Conversation starter- never not know what to say on a call again

Plan your incentives, how much yous spent, who won, and disect how effective it was
track how much you spent on an incentive
track who won the incentive and if they received their gift
plan your essential rewards order
track the health purpose for your order
keep track of incentives and percentages for your essential rewards
place to release all of your great ideas so you can continue to crush it

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The Essential Oil Business Organizer is perfect for you if

You've been feeling overwhelmed by your lack of organization when it comes to running your business.  You want to know what everyones secret is! (pssst. this is their secret)

You know in order to maximize your check you need to be on top of and intentional with where you spend your time in your business. 

You just want someone to tell you where to spend your time.  You want to be more involved with your downline but you're not sure how or what to say on your member calls to maximize their business.




- Jennifer w - olc member since 2017

I spent months and months trying to build my own site. I was frustrated. I lost a lot of money and time trying to figure the darn thing out. When I came across the OLC service I almost cried. It was exactly what I was trying to do but BETTER. Best yet, I didn't have to do anything but fill out a form to get my site live. 

"I almost cried."

- chrissy L - member since 

I feel so professional when I have people visit my site. It feels like I can present my self in a way that sets me as the expert and I know they will be blown away by how pretty it is. I LOVE my site and all of my visitors have how signing up was a breeze. The OLC was a total game changer for my business. THANK YOU!!! xo

" signing up was a breeze."

- client first and last name

It was taking me endless hours trying to create my own website. I wasn't able to share because I was so focused on getting my site built. I was ready to quit everything until I saw the OLC. Since joining I've accomplished ranking up not only once but twice! My business will forever thank you!

"ranking up twice."

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