Email Marketing | Day 3 | Keeping it Legal

Day 1 | we talked about what we’re doing here

Day 2 | we identified our avatar

Today we are going to start our game plan and talk about some legal stuff so we don’t end up criminals.

To start answer this…

How often do you want to consistently reach out to your list?

  1. Weekly
  2. monthly
  3. quarterly
  4. biannually
  5. yearly

Next what type of content will you be focusing on putting out?

Welcome sequence for your 101 class sign up

Welcome sequence for starter kit sign up

Promotion you want to run for the summer as an incentive

Anything goes.  Just make a quick list and then we’ll talk about keeping this thing legal.

Don’t be a criminal…

There are laws when it comes to running a newsletter.  These laws are to protect you as well as protect the consumers on an email list.  The law essentially states a person cannot be on a list if they did not agree to be on a list in the first place.  For instance, you cannot just put a new signup in a welcome sequence.  You must first ASK THEM TO to be on a list.



Today for homework we are going to write that/those email(s).  This can be on paper or in a saved word document.  Go back to yesterdays homework and pull out your avatar sheet as well as your 10 words you used to describe you.

Example of an email asking for their sign up

“Boom, [their name], I am so excited that you snagged your starter kit!  I cannot wait for you to work on [name the pain points that made them purchase their kit].

Because I want to be there every step of the way I would love to be able to send you emails to help guide you.  These emails are jam-packed with information to get you confidently using your [name the kit used].  I have learned a lot while using my oils and definitely want you to to use your oils and LOVE them like I do as well as get [pain point] under control.

If you’re cool with me sending those to you to get you extra guidance click the button below and I’ll send the first one to you immediately.  Then every Tuesday, I’ll check in and get you a little more info and dive deeper into the oily world. 

[button to join email list goes here]

So excited for you and welcome to the exciting oily life!  You’re going to LOVE it here!!




Now go back through and read your avatar.  Would they like what you have written?  Then go through your 10 words to describe your brand.  What are your TOP 3?  If Funny was something on your TOP 3 list and you read what I wrote up above-does that match? Not really.  You would then add some extra funny in there.  If positivity and love and light were your main words would that go?  You want to sprinkle a little bit of you in EVERYTHING that you do.  Your main goal for this is to

  1. Assure them they made the right decision (buyers remorse will set in assure them they will not regret it)
  2. Let them know you’re there 100% with them (how many times have you been the victim of a best friend until you purchased something from them then they dropped you to go “work on” someone else? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ We are going to bust through all that and show them we’re now their biggest cheerleader.
  3. Encourage them to sign up for your email list without calling it an email list.  Sounds spammy and impersonal.  Think of it as an invitation and not a sales pitch
  4. Make it personal by sprinkling in their name so it doesn’t sound like a mass email/text.  Personalization is powerful.  Use it in every email that you can.  Also a good GIF is always fun




Bonus homework: answer these questions (on a separate piece of paper)

How many Instagram followers do you have?______

How many Facebook friends do you have?________

If you have your own FB group how many are in there?______

How many members currently in your downline?______

If you have an email list how many subscribers do you have?______

Great work today!  I’ll see you tomorrow same time!




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