Email Marketing | Day 2 | All about the Avatar

Yesterday, we got our juices flowing and today we are going to figure out our voice.  Newsletters and emails are all about writing so when we write we need to have the same “voice” every single time we put something out into the world.  This helps build trust, consistency and helps us attract the right kind of people.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you are trying to attract everyone you are really attracting no one”. But what in the world does that mean?  How do we avoid attracting no none?  We want to bring “all the boys to the yard” so we need to get this figured out, right?

Right now I want you to pin down an Avatar.  We are going to name them.  For now, let’s call her, Betty.  Every time you sit down to write you are going to write to Betty.  Nobody else.  JUST BETTY.



Seems silly but trust me on this…it works.  Let’s continue-

Pretend, Betty is your FAVORITE DOWNLINE MEMBER.

What does she do that you love?

What is it that you do that gets her excited?

Where does she shop?

What does believe in?

What does she value?

This is big-What are Betty’s pain points?  What keeps her up at night?

Examples: Sleep, Liver health, Her son’s lack of focus, her daughters attitude, money-not being able to pay for her daughters ballet class, her husbands “member” didn’t stand at attention last night sooo theres that….

Now what are her desires?  What does she think about that gets her excited?

Examples: Taking her family to Maui, driving up the west coast with ONLY her husband, being able to fix up the nursery exactly how she wants it, to be able to “get in the mood” as quickly as her husband does, get her son violin lessons so he can be in the Philharmonic one day…

what is the point of all this?

When we sit down to write and try to think of stuff to write about it can be overwhelming. We know we need to put stuff out on social daily.  We know we need to be seen.  But mostly it is just throwing content up without purpose.  Without doing the “heart work” and planning or speaking in a way that is going to get you the results you actually want.  More targeted messaging, less let’s throw out a huge net and see who we can catch?

Does this sound like you?

You want to make sure you’re posting or getting content out so you think of something and type it out and one day it’s super chipper and you’re talking about something that you’ve been thinking about, then tomorrow you sit down and for whatever reason you were just not in the best mood, you knew you needed to post, but ranted about random stuff then the next day you’re over the rant and in a good mood and talked about something else completely random just to fill the time and make sure you were being seen.  I mean we gotta get through 8 posts until we can post about oils right?  So why not fill that space with randomness? 🙅🏽‍♀️

In that senario, there were three times Betty was exposed to you.  Think about how Betty feels after seeing those 3 posts.  She probably hasn’t the foggiest idea of who you are and why she should follow you.  You haven’t done anything to bring her in.  You have not touched upon anything that Betty likes.  You haven’t spoken to Betty in a way Betty can relate and empathize with you.  Nothing that allowed her to really make that connection.  This was a missed opportunity for sure.

I want you to think about how many friends you have on social.  Why do you follow them?  How many of them are people you don’t even know in person and your relationship has all been online?  Why do you follow them?  There is a connection there that drew you into their world. What was it?  Are they famous?  Do they have the same amount of kids you do?  Have a dream garden that you wish you had.  Super funny and feel like they really “Get you” and your dry sense of humor?   Value the same hardcore beliefs you do on

Figuring out what makes Betty tick gives you an advantage every single time you go to type something and put it out into the world.  Having ONE person that you’re having a conversation with is POWERFUL and will revolutionize the way that you write.

I will show you how to implement this in more detail later on.  But for now homework…



Supplies: notebook, pen

Oils: Believe, or Envision

Take your time and envision your own Betty.  I want you to ask the questions that I asked you above.  The more detailed you get with your avatar the better.  Add in male/female, eye color, hair type and style, what clothes do they wear, where to they go to eat. Your piece of paper should be filled of exactly who your avatar is.  Think of it like creating a character for a book.  You need to know what drives the character so you can begin to understand where they are coming from and start to meet them on their level.  Don’t forget to name them and put it in big bold letters at the top of your page! Really zero in on those pain points and her desires.  You’ll thank yourself later when we start to write!

Next, I want you to write out 10 words that you think describe you aka your brand.  What do you want to be known for? Some examples are…

Funny, Positive, Whitty, Sarcastic, Dirty Mind, Real, Raw, Authentic, Bold, Inquisitive, Happy, Knowledgeable….the list goes on and on.  Write down 10 that describe you.

When you are done hang this page up or put it where you do most of your writing.

good job today!  We will use this for our work tomorrow😊



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