Here is your exclusive members only bonus training.  Over the next few days we are going to go on a journey together and explore the basics to using EMAIL MARKETING within your Young Living business. 

Each scheduled day you will get a new assignment and task.  You will want to to race through this class.  DON'T. I've allowed plenty of time to think through and craft your content.  An email list set up properly and well thought out can do amazing things for your business.  Enjoy the process and use each day to fully give 100% to the task at hand.  

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Email Marketing Class

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Let's do IT!

✓ Setting the foundation

Things we will cover

Welcome to the Email Marketing Class

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An email list is an incredible tool for your business.  It is important to give it the proper bones for longevity and success

✓ discovering your voice

Knowing how to talk and who to talk to is key to getting an engaged and meaningful email list.  Discover your voice when it comes to writing to your audience.

✓ getting sign ups

Having a ZERO as a member list can be a hard sight.  But worry not!  We will get that number moving in the right direction in no time.

✓ building a Welcome sequence 

YL is all about relationships so your welcome sequence starts their journey off to a beautiful, blossoming friendship that will last and grow over time.  We will get your sequence written and implemented so you can automate and still make a HUGE impact on their development all the while kindling your relationship.

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This is key to writing ANYTHING you want engagement from.  Emails, newsletters, social posts all need you to know your voice.  Today we will figure out that voice and get you speaking and engaging like never before!

Ideal Clients

your voice

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Before you deep dive into creating and automating your email list you need a solid foundation to start from.  Today we will get your wheels turning and get a jumping off point that will help us the rest of the class.


getting started

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There are laws when it comes to running your email list.  Today we will talk about how to make sure we are staying legal and getting signups THE RIGHT WAY.

Getting Signups

keeping it legal

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When someone gets a new kit you want to make sure they start off on the right foot.  Today we are going to write out our ENTIRE email sequence for a new downline member that just got their starter kit.

For New Kit

Welcome sequence 1

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There are many options when it comes to running your email list.  There is no right or wrong provider to choose.  But you do need to choose one to get started.  Today we will pick one and work with a friend to test to see which is best.

Email Providers


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When someone opts in on your profile page to listen to the Free Sarah Harnisch 101 class you'll want to grow that relationship.  Today we will write out our ENTIRE email sequence for a new email list subscriber.

For New Freebie

Welcome sequence 2

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Today we will work on getting your newsletter set up and ready to rock and roll.  Planning is very important to getting this automated and working so that is what we will focus on in todays task.

Boadcasting Set up


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It is implementation day!  It is time to take all of your hard work over the past few days and get the emails loaded and set up in your email provider!  

Setting Up Sequences


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The last few days of learning were intense.  Let's put it all together in a nice neat package topped with a bow so we can go out and rock this new found confident you!

Putting it all together

final day wrap up

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