Day 9 | Wrapping It All Up | Email Marketing

I need you to take a moment to smile and realize you did something huge.  You decided you were going to build a solid foundation with your audience.  This opens the door to a lasting relationship that will help your business thrive and grow like wildfire.  Staying consistent and bringing good content takes Time, Effort, and Planning.  It is all worth it though.  Let’s recap what we’ve done.

Day 1– We got introduced to Email Marketing aka Newsletters.  Here we got our wheels turning.

Day 2– was very important and we identified our IDEAL MEMBER or aka our Avatar!  Mine was Betty White 😂. She really is the best isn’t she? This write up should be pulled out before you write ANYTHING.  Newsletters.  Social Posts.  This is who you should be writing too.  DO NOT steer from it (unless you have a huge shift in who you are targeting). And just a side note: if someone shows a little interest your next post doesn’t turn to go directly towards them.  This will mess up your message and your voice (text speak).  Stay consistent and stay the course.  It will get easier to write to them but keep your blinders on when you write.  This will help words flow and most importantly it will help you stay consistent!

Day 3– we figured out how to get permission from those that may be in our downline or those that have purchased from us in the past.  Staying legal is a big part of starting a newsletter!  This protects you as well as your readers.  Also you don’t want readers to be upset you’re emailing them all of a sudden without their permission.  Once you get their permission it is game on, but until then make sure you use this email to solidify that you have their permission to get all of your awesome content delivered to their inbox.

Day 4-we chose email providers!  My top three options were Convertkit, MailChimp, and Madmimi.  All of them have pros and cons so choose which one works for you.  If you have to move platforms later on all three have an export option and you can export your subscribers list and take them with you to another platform.

Day 5-we wrote our welcome sequence for new kit purchasers

Day 6– we wrote our welcome sequence for a freebie you offer.  Built into our upgraded pages you have the option to collect your own email subscribers from our freebie Intro to Essential Oils class led by Sarah Harnisch.  You can change this freebie at anytime with your upgraded service.

Day 7 – we set up our sequences!  We took our written emails and loaded them into our email provider.

Day 8 – we set up our newsletters.  We took our written newsletter and scheduled it or sent it to our lists!

Day 9 – Today – we’re wrapping up and celebrating your hard work! Do you have done it my friend!  Make sure you keep up the great work and hit up the FACEBOOK GROUP with your questions. Or reference the MASTER PAGE Now join in a little dance with me!  You deserve it!



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