Day 7 | Setting up your Automations | Email Marketing

I hope you had an amazing 4th of July and are ready to get back after it!  By now you should have your foundation set in stone and your emails written.  Today will be all about the platform you chose to move forward.

Step 1 will be to grab your pre-written emails from Day 5 & 6 and login to your email provider that you chose from Day 4.

Step 2 is to locate where you will set up your sequence.  But it is different for all platforms so let’s see if we can get you in the right spots.


If you used Convertkit up at the top you will see “Sequence” click on it.  Then click in the red box “New Sequence” and name your sequence. From there you will be able to load in all of your emails and designate when you want them to send to your member.  Convertkit makes it so easy to automate your emails and is why I actually pay to use this platform because of its simplicity and ease of use.


  • If you use Mailchimp you will want to click “Campaigns”.  Then click  “Create Campaign“.  A box will pop up with a lot of options for you.  Chose the first.  It will say “Email”.  
  • Up at the top it will say “Regular, Automated, Plain Text” Click Automated.  4 boxes will show up below.  Click the one that says “Welcome New Subscribers
  • A new box will pop up and up at the top it will say, “Single email, Onboarding Series, Educational Series” click Onboarding Series.  Name your series and then click begin.
  • From there you can fill in your emails and time them out.  They have templates loaded in and you can use their timing structure or come up with your own.  Some choose to do it by day or some choose to space them out based on time that has passed.  Totally your call in how you want to run your welcome sequence.


  • If you use MadMimi you will need to upgrade and add Drip Campaign to your account.  If you have not already done so you will need to click “Add Things” . Find Drip Campaign and make sure it is turned on.  It will ask you for your billing information.
  • Once you have successfully added that feature to your account you will see Drips in the top.  Look for the menu that has “Triggers, Drips, Webform, Personalization, Social Tweaks”   (yours may have more or less options depending on what you have “turned on” in the ADD THINGS page.  Click on Drips.
  • Click on New Drip Campaign
  • You will then name your campaign and fill in how you would like your emails spaced out.  You don’t have as much flexibility with this so pick an option that works best for you.  One email a week seems to be good for an on boarding sequence.
  • From there you can load in all of your emails.


once emails are loaded in

Once your emails are loaded in go back in and check for punctuation, spelling, and any grammar changes you wish to make.  Check to see the flow of your voice and make sure you’ve covered everything you wished to cover in your emails.  Once you are happy with your emails you’re all set for day 7!



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