Day 6 | Welcome Sequence 2 | Email Marketing

Is your hand rested from yesterday’s writing?

Well hopefully you’ve had enough time to rest because we are going to continue on today!

Today, we are going to talk about how to do an email sequence after we do a class.

Email 1 – Immediately after they sign up for the class this email should be sent.  The email should contain

  • Assurance they are making the right decisions.  Touch on the pain points they will hear about in the class.  Here is the Sarah Harnisch Class If you have not done so I suggest listening to it and taking notes.
  • You may also want to add a download that they can print off to take notes while they listen.  You can use free programs such as Canva  to make your printout.
    • add in notes section
    • your contact information including sign up page info
    • when you write your email just put [download printout button] when you’re done writing your full sequence you can go back and work on being crafty in Canva.  It is best to batch your work so stay focused on your writing for now 😉
  • Let them know after the class you are available to chat and how to reach you to do that

Email 2 – Send 3 days after the initial email

  • See how they liked the class
  • Point out 1 or 2 of the most interesting facts that you took away from the class and see if you can elaborate on them.  This could be extra info or throw in a recipe or two depending on the topic
  • Segments (I”ll help you set this up later but I want you to figure out the verbiage)
    • List out pain points and ask them what they are most interested in learning more about
      • examples: pain, sleep, immune system, etc and list them out-Don’t get too crazy about listing EVERY pain point because we are going to write an email for each!
  • Sign off and let them know again how they can follow you or connect with you.

Email 3 – Send 3 days after last email

  • This will be a segmented email and sent based off of the choice they chose in email 2
  • For each option or pain point you had in email 2 you will need to write something about it giving more context and information.
  • As you write remember to keep it light (DO NOT WORD VOMIT)
  • Add in fun tips you’ve learned about said pain point and what you’ve personally done and used to go about getting the resolution they may be searching for.

Email 4 – Send 4-5 days after last email

  • This email we will be talking about the community benefits and your “onliness factor”. Your onliness factor is something only you have or can supply.  In a world filled with a million distributors why would they choose you.  What makes you different?  What do you do that makes you special?  How do you help them?  What benefits to they get from you?
  • What support would they get when they decide to jump in and order a starter kit from you?
  • Add in a seasonal favorite recipe that you’ve been loving
  • Add in a story about you that can further deepen your relationship. Should align with possible pain points.  You can also start with your interesting and engaging story and work that into your Onliness Factor as proof you are the Bomb Diggity.

After the last email (Email 4) we will funnel them into our regular newsletter.

Good luck with your writing today!  Remember to continue to reference your avatar from Day 2 and your 10 words that describe your brand.  It is so much easier to write when you have ONE person in mind rather than a few people that may be on the fence.

“When you talk to everyone you actually talk to no one”

PS: don’t forget if you are going to add in a printout in email 1 to go back and create your download once you’re done with ALL 4 EMAILS.  I’ll help you put it all together at a later time.  Day 6 is all about getting your content ready.



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