Day 5 | Welcome Sequence | Email Marketing

Last week we set our foundation.  This week we get to dive even deeper.

Today we will be going through and writing our welcome sequence for New Members.  New members are raw, excited, and most are very hesitant to use oils.  There is SO MUCH to learn and if done improperly they can over do it and can leave them feeling disappointed with their purchase.  Welcome sequences set a presidence that you are here to help them EVEN AFTER THE SALE and solidifies that they have a basic foundation of knowledge  about Young Living products to help them feel confident to explore on their own.

This opens the door to a member leveling up to Essential Rewards as well as a possible business builder.  This is why solidifying your relationship in the first few months is so crucial to revolutionizing your relationship.  A welcome sequence can do all of this as well as be automated so you can make sure you are duplicating and being the very best for every. single. member that you enroll.

what is a welcome sequence?

A welcome sequence is a groupings of emails meant to take your new member from Point A to Point B.  They are a series of emails (generally 3, 5-7) depending on the topic you’re covering and just how in depth you wish to take your new enrollee without overwhelming them.  That is key here-to give information that is exciting for them to read without overwhelming them.  So to make sure that doesn’t happen we first need to ask ourselves a few questions before we sit down to write a sequence.

  1. What will your goal be for them to feel when you are done?
  2. What do you want them to take away from it?

Let’s walk through a mock outline of a New Member Sequence


  • 1) Welcome email – This will be the first email that you send AFTER THEY ACCEPT YOUR EMAIL from Day 4’s homework.  Remember you CANNOT put someone on an email list without their approval.  We ain’t criminals here at the OLC so asking for them to get some awesome content shouldn’t be hard.  Share your excitement and you will get MOST of them to sign up.
    • Assure them they made the right decision
      • Buyers remorse is REAL.  Put that feeling to rest.  Play on their excitement an make sure they know this is the best darn decision they’ve made in a LONG time…maybe even EVER.
    • Show excitement
    • Share about you and your story.  Connect with them.  Use your avatar from DAY 2 Connect with pain points and touch on things they will most likely relate to
    • Set expectations so they know when they will hear from you.  It is very important that they know how long this little journey will be.  That way they can expect it in their inbox on such date.   Shows your consistent and builds trust.  It also takes away that feeling of “OMG ANOTHER EMAIL FROM THIS CHICK!?” I’ve been on the receiving and and when you’re like “ENOUGH ALREADY!” Then the relationship can go from great to not so great and they can pull back.  So right in the beginning I like to set a timeframe as well as the days that they will be getting the information.
      • For example “So every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks I’m going to be popping into your inbox and making it RAIN information so you can rock these new oils!  Be on the lookout for them and if they ever get too much either let me know or you can unsubscribe to stop any future emails with the content that I’m sending to you.”
    • Outline what they are going to learn.  It’s good to keep the excitement and learning going.  Let them know what type of content you’ll be bringing.  Everyone does this part differently based off of what they feel is important.  Remember to be you and hit on those pain points.


  • 2) The Basics- This will be email number 2.  Here is your first content rich email that you will be sending.
    • What basics do you want them to know?  Remember key here is to not overwhelm them!  Analysis paralysis is a real thing.  Give them just enough to keep the excitement going and to give them little suggest of the goods that just arrived to their home.
    • Where can they get support?  People go at their own time and may have a whole lot of questions.  Plug them in to where they can get support if they need it.
      • Who can they call?
      • What groups should they join?
      • What social accounts can they follow
    • End the email with a call to action such as replying to this email and answering a question.  This encourages interaction and continues to cut through the ice that can be felt in the beginning of relationships.


  • 3) The Challenge – This will be email number 3.  Here we are going to do another call to action with them.  Forcing them to use their product.
    • Challenge them to make a recipe or try a diffuser combo
    • Ask them to rely back with their thoughts.
      • PRO TIP: add an incentive.  When they write back they get entered for a prize drawn at the end of the month


  • 4) The Story – This will be email number 4.  This will be a story about you.  It will have true emotions.  Funny/Sad/Genuine.  This will be a connecting email.  Go back to your DAY 2 avatar and really dive into those pain points.  Keep true to your list of 10 Describing words as well from DAY 2.  Pick your top three words that you want to that you want for this piece.  Ideas 👇🏽
      • A story of how you overcame obstacles and used YL products (try to keep to the starter kit) to get a desired outcome
      • A story how you are somewhere you never thought you would be thanks to YL
      • A story they can immediately go and implement into their life based off of your advice
      • A story that will truly inspire them to take action
      • A story that will open a door they didn’t even know was there
        • YL does so many things I hadn’t the foggiest idea that they did.  Open that door.
    • If you mentioned products be sure to link them so they can check out more information on them if they wish.
    • If there is more information or a class on the subject you brought up be sure to link it


  • 5) The Checkin – This will be email number 5 and probably your last email in this sequence.
    • How are they doing?
    • Are they plugged into support?
    • What questions do they have?
    • Here you should add in more basics
      • favorite diffuser blends
      • roller blends
      • recipes
      • make sure they’ve used everything in the kit
    • Lead them into what’s next
      • Will they be filtered into your regular newsletter?  When does that get sent out?  What can they expect to learn?
    • Are there classes that are coming up?


HOLY COW you have a lot of writing a head of you. ☕️  But grab out some inspiration oil and get to work.  You got this!  We are NOT plugging these into any platform just yet!  We will take care of that later.  Right now I want you get out your favorite thing to write on: Notebook, computer and get to typing.  Bust through Email 1-Email5.  Get a rough draft.  Then go over your emails and fine tune them.  Get out your avatar sheet and your list of 10 describing brand words.  If you got a little off branding reel yourself back in and get on point.  This is key to staying consistent and on brand.  It is what you’ll be known for.  This is their first taste of you POST PURCHASE so let’s make sure we’re knocking it out of the park 😊

Need help constructing your emails?  Head back to the FACEBOOK GROUP and let us join in on your sequence journey!

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