Email Marketing | Day 1 | Intro

I’m not going waste anytime with fluff and intros.  I know you’re eager to get going with your newsletter and automation so I will not waste any of your time.  Let’s get down to it!

First off I want to talk about WHY we would use an email list or want to take the time to figure it out.

Reason number one for me is the fact that I own my list.

All day every day on social media we fight with algorithms, paid ads, and all the other noise that is out there.  With a list, I’m able to reach my audience when I want and it is as simple as having them open their inbox.  I know if an email gets sent they will see it.  And if they do not-I have the option to resend the email AND then follow up on social.  Talk about covering all my bases.

If social media went down what would you do?

We all remember a few months ago when Insta went do right?  I mean it was pure chaos!  Everyone was freaking out.  What if you had to get your class info out?  What if you had to tell your audience about your promotion.  What if you had something super special and amazing they needed to hear about but I could not get to them!


 Legit what everyone was doing 👆🏼

Having a list gives you freedom.  Freedom to connect, interact and grow along with your audience.  It kindles a relationship that will pay for itself over, and over, and over again if you play your cards right.  We’ve all heard the tree analogy.

where you water your plants will grow

A list helps you water your seed and helps it blossom into a deep routed tree.  That tree then grows fruit and allows you to eat off of it.  It supplies shade and all it needed from you was water and sunshine.  Friend-we are going to teach you how to be that water and sunshine for your little seed.

How do we use it?

We know some of the why but what about the how?  It seems overwhelming-and to be honest it can be!  But we are going to make a plan.  A plan that will allow for simplicity so we can easily set up and automate your email list.

The first way you can use your email list is the Welcome Sequence

A welcome sequence is a 3-5ish (or more depending on the situation) group of templated emails that get sent out in succession of each other to bring your seed on a little journey.  This takes your seed from a person that was intrigued and signed up to a place where you feel comfortable guiding them further along in their journey.  This time sets up trust and allows you to BE THE EXPERT.  

You would start your seed off when they sign up for your freebie or purchases something from you such as a starter kit.  In each instance, you would want to put them on a welcome sequence and guide them where you want them to go.  For instance, if they buy a premium starter kit you will want them going from an overwhelmed, scared newbie to dropping the fear of using their products confidently so they will then continue to experiment and grow their own knowledge.  Or

For those of us that have the upgraded 2019 template, you have a built in email list collector.   The email collector lets them sign up for Sarah Harnisch’s free Essential Oil 101 class.  You would then want to kindle that relationship to take the interested seedling down a path of showing them that the oils journey is one worth taking.  You get an opportunity to take someone along and show them the great life they can have by simply purchasing the starter kit.

you have an opportunity…what are you going to do with it?

Second the traditional newsletter

We’ve all been put on a newsletter email list.  We sign up for some reason or another then boom you get emails from that business.  Here is your traditional email that is more then likely once a month and you can talk about:

  • monthly promotions
  • recipes
  • classes coming up
  • group incentives
  • etc

Lastly is a Promotional Sequence

This is different then the welcome sequence.  This is a sequence that again-you’re taking your seed on a journey.  They are HERE but you’re taking them THERE.  You build value and then at the end boom the thing you’ve been talking about is on sale!  Or you’re giving them free shipping if they buy it.  Or it just so happens to be a freebie on Essential Rewards this month if your order is 250pv or more.  The goal is to get them so amped up over your topic and then BOOM it’s there for the taking.

Now you cannot use this sequence all the time.  But when used correctly is extremely effective.

One HUGE takeaway I want you to have is to remember YOUR MONEY IS IN YOUR LIST. 👈🏽 Especially when you take advantage of all of the above.

👇🏽But first homework…It will be light but I want to get your brain muscles warmed up for the next few days and getting those ideas flowing so we can use them later on in our exercises.


Supplies: notepad, pen

Oils: Envision or Inspiration

Now you have your email list on the upgraded 2019 template  that links a FREEBIE (Sarah Harnisch’s 101 class) but I would love for you to think of at least 3 other ways you could use your email list.  Get detailed.  What journey could you take your list on?  Use the options above [welcome sequence, promotional sequence, or newsletter] and brainstorm the possibilities.

Think about the journey you’ve been taken on as a person that was put on a newsletter form.  Why did you sign up?  What type of newsletter followed?  How can you use that and do something similar in your own business?  Can you offer a freebie?  Maybe a pdf of some great content?  Maybe a printout cheatsheet?  A different class?  A challenge? The possibilities are endless to have someone sign up with you.  It can be for your own team right now or geared towards new email list subscribers.  Whatever comes to your mind-write it down.

You don’t have to know how you’re going to get your seedling from A to Z this is just an exercise to get the wheels turning.  This is an opportunity for you to write freely and start to create a list that you’ll come back to often.  No idea is a silly one.  JUST WRITE.

When you’re done come back to the FACEBOOK GROUP  and share ideas that you’ve thought up

•Look for the appropriate days post•




hop on the list

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