Crafting the Best About Me Section | Part 1

Cursor blinking.  Nothing coming to mind.  The one person equipped to write an “About Me” blurb can’t even start with an opening sentence.  Don’t worry I got you. I get how you want to make sure you say the right thing that will make your customer itching to press that buy button.  You may even be wondering why in the world do I need to have this on my profile page?  Why can’t I just have a button that says buy here?  I get it but trust me it all works in your favor.

The question I get asked about a lot is how to write a slam dunk about me section.  It seems straightforward but when we come to this section we freeze up.  We want to say the right thing.  We want to help our potential clients get to know us.  But why and more importantly HOW??  How can we do this all the while…

  1. being compliant
  2. get visitors to fall in love with you so much so that they NEED to buy from you
  3. not sounding narcissistic
  4. be vulnerable all the while being viewed as an expert in your field.

So many questions!

We will get to all of those great questions but one of the main things is to lay a proper foundation.  That all starts with branding yourself and that brings us to creating your ideal customer (aka client).  If you don’t know who or what that is that is perfectly ok!

📝First things first I want you to grab a blank piece of paper or pull up a notepad on your computer.  Next, I want you to think about your ideal customer.  If you are unsure of what an ideal customer is let me explain.  Your ideal customer is your dream customer.  Your dream person that you want to deal with on EVERY….SINGLE new kit sale.  It can be hard to figure this out-especially if this is the first time you’ve ever been forced to think about them.  Most of the time we want EVERYONE to be our ideal client.  Let me rip the band-aid off right now and be completely honest with you….everyone is NOT your ideal client.  Not everyone that is going to pay for a kit will be your ideal client.  You may be really mad at me for saying that but my job is to help you on this journey and show you the secret.  This is what sets sales pages apart. This is what gets your customer to press BUY as opposed to “thinking about it” or moving on. This will be your secret weapon.


An amazing podcast to help explain this is Amy Porterfield interviewing Branding & Social Media Guru Jasmine Star.

Listen Here

Notes for those that need meat and potaotes: Fast forward to 6 minutes in and then wait for the mic drop 🎤 at 8 minutes.  Mic drop #2 will be at 12:15 min-18:20.  It would be great to listen to all of it but I know how valuable your time is.  Definitely listen to this before you sit down to write!



Welcome back! I hope you liked that podcast and got your juices flowing a little bit. Aren’t those two so inspirational?  If anything they explained this whole thing in more detail. So definitely worth your time for sure.

It is time to sit down and begin creating your Ideal Client.  I want you to think about everything about them and we are going to write it down.  Please do not skip this step!  This exercise will reveal why it is important later on.  But for right now you will want to follow along and participate fully.  So you have that person in mind and I want you to answer some detailed questions about them.

EXERCISE #1-Ideal Client Creation

Are they male or female?
What color is their hair?
How tall are they?
What color are their eyes?
What is their status (married, single, divorced etc)
Do they have kids
Where do they shop for clothes
Where do they buy their groceries
What do they do for fun/hobbies
What do they value most?
What do they hate?
Are they religious?
What keeps them up at night?
What brings them joy?
Name that person-(we will refer to them later.  But make up a name for your ideal customer)

Those are some questions to get you started as to the types of things you should be thinking of.  If you want to get more detailed go for it!  The more you can know about your ideal client the easier it will be to write later on.  Remember how detailed Jasmine’s IC (ideal client) was?

Ok, that is a hearty task ahead of you so I’ll let you get to it.

Pro Tip: Put on one of these oils and get to writing.

If you have listened to the podcast and still aren’t sure as to the why behind this exercise you will in our next post.  😉


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