Crafting the Best About Me Section | Part 3

Part 3, here we go!

I am so glad you are still with me!  Phew!  This is hard work but, friend, it will be worth every minute you spent dedicating time to this series. Post 1 & Post 2   in our series laid the foundation and really unearthed the secrets to what goes into creating a converting About Me section.  They will be an integral part in helping you write fluidly and allow you to focus on writing and nothing else.

Well are you ready, friend?  It is FINALLY time to write that blurb you’ve been working so hard for. Let’s not waste any time.  You know the drill…get out a sheet of paper or your computer and open up a notepad.  Make sure you also grab your IC (ideal client) list that we created in Post 1 and your Alining Values we created in Post 2.

Tips before we begin to write.

  • Use 1st person.
  • Write ONLY to your IC (insert their name here.  Yep! That’s right you should have named them by now😉) as if you were sitting on a park bench talking to your bestie giving her/him an earful about you.  You wouldn’t want to be boring in your conversation right?  You would want to provoke strong feelings.  Laughter, sadness, inspiration, openness, and warmth.  All things that we look forward to in talking to a friend.
  • Don’t be stiff and make it too formal (unless your IC is prim and proper and digs that kind of thing)! In a flowing conversation, you are not worrying about english class in 8th grade.  You just talk.  Keep in that mindset.
  • Use your list of values to highlight in your bio.  Mention those things that connect you two.
  • DO NOT write to anyone else!  When those thoughts creep into your mind reset and get back to your conversation with your new bestie.
  • DO NOT care about punctuation (just yet).  Freely write how your thoughts come into your mind.  If you would say it to your IC bestie you can write it.  Before you submit you can go in and fine tune everything.
  • Don’t try to be perfect.  I know as a mom I am far from perfect.  There are days that my $h*t is a hot mess.  It is what makes me… well me and VERY relatable to a lot of people.
  • Don’t try to be crafty and over think this.  You’re aiming for a friendly conversation over your favorite cold beverage.

Exercise #3: Writing your About Me Section

First things first…the introduction.  With the new page design, you will already have
“I’m (Insert Your Name), It’s nice to see you!  _____(rank) leader with Young Living”

This will eliminate the need for you to introduce your self and your stats and you can focus on writing the nitty gritty-your ACTUAL story that you are eager to share.  I have seen intro stories written many ways so here is where we can get creative.  It is imperative that you share your voice, your spirit and be vulnerable about your journey.  I’ve seen some stories that are downright hysterical.  Some are gut-wrenching and truly makes you feel and be inspired for what the person has gone through.  But no matter your beginning many of us didn’t expect to be using oils.  We were not crunchy to start.  Those are the pain points most people look for in an about me section.  This creates a connection and an understanding with your IC.  What happened to you?  How did you get to this point of talking to your visitor (your IC) about your love for this company, this lifestyle and these products?

I have also found another tool that has really helped a lot of our Oil Lounge friends create fun bios about themselves.  They went to Jenna Kutcher’s site: and snagged her free about me template.  It is a fun plug n’ play type of script.  By taking the tips we learned in this series as well as use Jenna’s About Me Template you will be well on your way to writing a kick butt About Me section that truly converts.

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