Copywriting cannot happen without your Avatar and this…

Have you ever just not known what to write? Or you feel like your writing is all over the place?  Or maybe you think you’re writing slam dunk, full of energy post and the only interaction you got was a like from your mama?  🙋🏽‍♀️

It all ends here.  It is time to get you adored and not ignored.

It all starts now.  Next time when you put out content no matter what platform you’re on you’re going to be a magnet to the tribe you’re trying to build.

There are two secret ingredients when it comes to writing and guess what?  It isn’t magic fairy dust.

The first is defining your Avatar and second is recognizing your Avatars Pain Points

Before you can ever sit down to write you need to start with WHO you are going to write to before you can figure out WHAT you are going to write about.  Seems kinda backward and may be making you scratch your head.  That’s ok!  This next exercise may feel weird and unnatural, but girl this is about to be your new best friend in your business.  Let me explain…

When you write you need to write to ONE PERSON.  That one person is your Avatar or you may hear in the entrepreneur field Ideal Client.  I like avatar better myself but pot-A-toe, pot-a-toe you decide how you wanna go from here on out.  Writing to one person will do amazing things for your writing

  1. You’ll be more consistent
  2. You’ll be able to weed out those you do not want in your tribe
  3. You’ll be able to call in more people…Yes, even after repelling those I mentioned in #2
  4. You’ll get more qualified leads and interest in your business
  5. You’ll be able to write with more purpose
  6. You’ll be able to write more freely instead of staring at a blank screen
  7. You’ll be able to pump out content that works together instead of all over the place
  8. You’ll establish a brand that is so important in pulling in new members


The list goes on so first off let’s do a little exercise. When you answer these questions I either want you to

  • think of someone you have on your team already that you wish you had 50k more of them or
  • your dream member that one day you hope to get on your team.

Either one will work but keep this person in your head when you answer these next questions.  You can also describe yourself-if that is who you want to attract more of. The * marks the questions I want you to go really deep here.  Take at least 30 min to an hour and really get intimate with what this avatar has going on in their life.  Read through the questions below but keep reading the blog post before you get started answering.

  1. What is their name

  2. Are they female or male
  3. What age are they
  4. What color is their hair and eyes
  5. What are they wearing when they hang at the house
  6. What are they wearing when they are out in public
  7. Do they have kids
  8. Are they married…whats their story there
  9. What do they do for work
  10. What do they value
  11. What do they do in their spare time such as hobbies/volunteering
  12. Where do they shop
  13. What do they dream about?  What makes them so happy
  14. What do they need in their life*
  15. What keeps them up at night?  What are their fears*
  16. What could Young Living do for them?  What prayers could be answered?*


If there are more things you think you can describe about your avatar the BETTER.  Number 15 the question is: What keeps them up at night?  What are their fears?  These are what are called Pain Points.  Pain Points are things we all have that make our life not all sunshine and rainbows. For instance…

Up until 5 years ago my dang kid wouldn’t go to sleep at night so I was zombie mom trying to work in a fast pasted work environment during the day and I had to try and act human and attempt to stay awake and not stab those that just “didn’t get it”.

DEEP BREATHE.  wooooo ssssaaaaaa #getbacktozen Yes, I was that mom. In my story, there are a whole lotta things going on.  Sleep for me and the kid.  A job that wasn’t helping me-I liked it-but it wasn’t bringing me joy that’s for sure.  My situation was making me lose it on those I loved.  I was short-tempered.  I drank at night not to have a casual glass of wine but to just forget about the day and hopefully crash so hard I could get enough sleep to muster up the energy to take on the next day.  There’s more but obviously, I’m not about airing that dirty laundry out too soon. But you see where I’m coming from. We all have our stuff going on that is Real, “Normal” Everyday BS that takes our minds to a place of worry, fear, regret, saddness even.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has those pain points.  The real stuff that keeps them up at night.  Sometimes figuratively or in my case literally.  That short quick sentences probably gave you as an oiler at least three nuggets of knowledge that I could have used to help me back then.  And that my wonderful, glorious friend is where the money is.  That one pain point hopefully opened up your mind and gave you so many ideas that had you saying…”Dang, I wish knew her then!  I totally could have helped her”.  Thankfully a friend did help me.  She got me.  When she wrote and it was like she was looking into my windows at night and feeling my pain.  She was drinking that glass of wine with me at night.  She was zombie mom and trying to not to stab her coworkers and she was afraid this vicious cycle would never end.

That is why I signed up for Young Living

I signed up because someone got me.  Someone wrote words that helped me understand there was hope to cure what I needed.  Some of it was products I needed, some of it was a community I needed but all of it was as Marie Forleo puts it “figureoutable” and I wouldn’t have figured it out if my enroller hadn’t written the words she did.

Pretty images and websites are wonderful and are totally are a game-changer for your business but if you don’t have words that mean something to someone you’re going to struggle.  Which brings me to touch upon one last point before I let you go, writing to one person and one person only seems counterintuitive to what we’re trying to do here right?  I mean if I write to one person, I don’t want to not have someone else sign up because I wasn’t targeting them.  I was the same way.  Thought if I wrote to everyone, everyone would come and guess what?  Nobody came.  My phone didn’t ring.  My dm didn’t notify me.  And I stalled in my business.  By writing to one person you will call in those that will bring purpose and joy and energy to your tribe.  They will flock in and stand with you and help you change the world one member at a time.

Every time you sit down to write I want you to pull out your Avatar and have it next to you.  Write to that one person every time.  Keep their pain points in mind.  Keep their story in mind.  Intertwine your story and theirs.  Allow yourself to speak to them as if you’re having a glass of wine with them on your couch.

Ok, I’ve kept you long enough!  Get out a pen and paper and write.  Don’t worry about writing anything wrong.  If it feels right, write it. It’s time to answer 1-16 🍷

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