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Welcome to the OLC.  We are a community that throws around health and wellness like confetti.  We support anyone trying to change their life for the better.  Whether you are simply curious, ready to dive in or wanting to learn how to grow your own Young Living business and generate some serious income you're in the right spot.

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In 2014 after going from pure skeptic to full blown obsessed with Young Living products Ashley wanted a platform to tell her friends about the success and change she had experienced.  With her background in web design she created the OLC.  From there she grew to silver in less then a year and is inviting everyone along with her for the ride.

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ceo and founder of the oil lounge & co. community

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Find out how millions of homes have been transformed using essential oils and the many benefits of getting toxins out of their home.  What harm are toxins actually doing to your body? Let's find out.  Listen in now.